Welcome to the Service Club of Chicago...

The Service Club of Chicago is a charitable organization of women, which has continually served the welfare, civic, educational and cultural needs of Chicago and surrounding communities since 1890. Their policy of giving is to assist, improve and enlarge upon agency programs. Service Club helps recipients to expand facilities, improve equipment and initiate new programs which will better serve a large number of people in need. Every single dollar raised goes directly to charity.

Agencies We Support
At The Service Club of Chicago, we have supported hundreds of different charitable, educational and civic organizations of all sizes and missions since 1890.


Ways To Donate

Service Club's support complements and fills the gaps left by corporate, government and community grants. Service Club provides funds for projects not covered by an agency's current operating budget, including emergency, pilot program and seed-money needs. Service Club annually selects numerous agencies for awards sufficient to make meaningful contributions to their programs. You can make a difference by joining us. Click To Here To Donate VIA PayPal

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